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 Welcome to the Dynasty Warriors Union

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Dynasty Warriors Union   Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:18 pm


*Please read all of the following before posting in the Union Board.*

OUR MOTTO: "DWU Aint Nothn 2 F*** WIT!" ------------------- OUR WARCRY: "VIVA DWU!"


Follow the rules set by the TOU ( Terms Of Use . Formerly known as TOS )

We will not put up with racism, sexism, or religious hate, this is a "no tolerance" policy.
This board is for the discussion of Dynasty Warriors games, as well as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Kessen.
Label Off Topic posts with an ( OT ) before the topic name.
Look for topics based on your questions before you post a new one.
Have fun, but please keep Spam to a minimal to help topics stay on track.
Any arguments/opinions, that do NOT fall into an above category, need to be done so in a respectful and mature manner.
Have fun. Us mods really aren't too harsh about the Off Topic rules, so just be respectful and you'll do fine.

Websites & Links - Websites that contain information on the Three Kingdoms and that time in history.

Koei - The creators of Dynasty Warriors.
Kong Ming - Possibly the largest resource center on the web. Most everything you could want to know about the Three Kingdoms can be found on this website. Including pictures, game and history info., and even character biograpies.
Yue Ying - Another nice resource page for DW information.
Lockergnome - A quick summarization of the events that occured.

Chinapage - A whole butt load of information on China and its history. Much of the information comes complete with pictures.

Three Kingdoms Comic - Comedic adaptation of the Three Kigdoms story in Comic Form. Very entertaining.

Koei Warriors - Awesome Dynasty Warriors and Three Kingdoms site.

Read the Novel Online - For those that do not yet have their very own copy, here you may read it for free.

Three Kingdoms - Online Novel

Recommended Novel Version - For those looking to buy this great story, the DWU is proud to recommend:

Novel *Note* You do not have to buy this set from Amazon. As long as you have the ISBN number ( which can be found on this linked page ) you can order it from any major book store including Barnes & Noble and/or Books-A-Million.

Chinese Zodiac - Visit our Chinese Zodiac page to find your Chinese sign, along with much more information.

To contribute to the list of websites, supply comments or feedback, bring something to our attention, or if you have a complaint, please feel free to PM any officer and we will do our best to act on it.
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PostSubject: DISCLAIMER   Wed Aug 28, 2013 11:20 pm

The links originally in the document above did not transfer when copied from the original site.

The rules listed above are the ancient De Jure rules of the once proud Dynasty Warriors Union, and as such they were required to conform with Gamespot's Terms of Use. The current rules do not have such restrictions.
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Welcome to the Dynasty Warriors Union
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