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 Romance of the ROTK XI

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PostSubject: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:36 pm

Well, I know Harden can move topics if they're not in the right place in the forum. But this looked like the best place to resurrect my Romance of the ROTK XI topic (formally known as ROTK XI Create an Officer). I suppose I'll try to salvage the topic from the DWU the first chance I get. But I'm going to write it here, and post a link on the DWU until either GS invests some money in their servers and software, or unions are done away with ... FOREVER!!! Of course with everyone's participation we can most definitely keep the DWU alive here or somewhere.

My original first post: (will edit down.)

so I've been thinking about dabbling in some ROTK XI again on the PC. going to put together a clan of DWU in my create officer portion of the game. I'm considering going back to square one though and creating all my characters anew.

anywho, i'm thinking about creating two DWU factions... but maybe not. And I'm only going to use members who are currently participating - or have in the last few months.

i was going to try and make the characters more realistic this time - in other words base their stats on what i know about the members here. but i'm thinking that won't be as fun since none of us are really experts in any of the categories compared to the historical figures. i.e. i don't think any of us meansure up to Cao Cao. but maybe we do from a historical perspective. however, if we were born back then we'd probably be fairly average people like we all are today.

unless of course someone here has a 200+ IQ [INT] and they haven't been honest. or if any of you are military geniuses [WAR] or super charismatic or whatever.

anyway, I'm just going to create some factions and create some leaders and some officers like i did last time. but since most of us have changed over the years - or what I know of us - I'm going to try and reflect that a little in the character creation process.

i'll post updates as I create your Avatars! and please don't take it personally if i don't make everyone here an Elite Super officer from Hell. i'm hoping to make the game interesting too.


this is how i'm qualifying Avatars. If you're either the first or last poster on the past 5 pages of union history using the default topic listing settings. So that gives me 13 officers (not including myself since I won't be the ruler of the DWU for this particular game. I'm thinking Harden will be the ruler of the DWU clan since he's probably the most able leader this union has ever had. (sorry steel and butmann and me)

BTW, Steel just barely made the cut. and yes, you will all be serving with Hisagi15!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:37 pm

OK, so this is how I'm going to be listing the information.

You Avatar Name, Your GS Handle

Your Avatar Pic

Stats in this order: LED,WAR,INT,POL,CHA

Aptitudes in this order: Spear, Pikes, Bows, Cavalry, Siege Weapons, Naval (see next post for more Info on APT)

Characterization Stats: Character,Voice,Tone,Court,Aspirations (I'll explain this better in a later post)

Character Key: T = Timid, C = Cool, B = Bold, R = Reckless

Voice Key: (same as Character Key)

Tone: P = Polite, N = Normal, D = Dignified, Pm = Pompous, B = Barbarian, C = Courteous, H = Humble, F = Frank, R = Reckless, Z = Zheng Fei

Court: I = Ignore, N = Normal, Im = Important

Aspirations: M = Military, Ro = Royal, S = Self, St = Steadfast, G = Goodly, A = Able, C = Career, I = Iminent, Sc = Secure, Re = Retiring

Lastly I'll list your special skill. Go to section 8 in this FAQ to see a description of each skill.

Here's me as an example:

Bru Ti, Bruneauinfo

93,93,87,85,76 BCSSCB

(My only characterization stat that matters is my Character[Cool] because otherwise I'll have direct control over my character's behavior.)

White Riders is my Skill

For comparisons sake I'm going to list a few of the well known officers so you can see just how your Avatar stacks up.

My games maxes out stats at 100

Aptitudes decide what tactics you can use with a certain Weapon type, and how good your units are at Attacking and Defensing with those Weapon types. A higher APT also means more success with strategies. S = best and C = worst. So, S,A,B,C in that order.

Name - Lead, War, Int, Pol, Cha, * Aptitudes: Spear, Pike, Bow, Cavalry, Siege Weapons, Navy

ROTK XI Characters

Zhou Yu - 97,71,96,86,93 * AASCCS (i.e. Spears = A, Pike = A, Bow = S, Cavalry = C, Siege Weapons = C, Navy = S)

Zhang Fei - 85,98,30,22,45 * SSCACC

Guan Yu - 95,97,75,62,93 * SSBACA

Sima Yi - 98,63,96,93,87 * SAASAC

Sun Quan - 76,67,80,89,95 * BACCCA

Sun Ce - 92,92,69,70,92 * SABSAS

Cao Cao - 96,72,91,94,96 * SSAABC

Zhuge Liang - 92,38,100,95,92 * BBSCSA

Sun Jian - 93,90,74,73,91 * SSCACS

Liu Bei - 75,73,74,78,99 * ABABCC

Lu Bu - 87,100,26,13,40 * ASSSCC

DWU Characters

Harden007 - 97,65,95,94,94 * CCCSCS BCDNM

Lord Cal___ - 94,75,90,95,85 * SSBSBB BBDNA

Jeffsteel____- 92,55,98,92,91 * CBBCSS BBPNM

DpumbliQ_ - 51,41,92,86,83 * BBBBSS CCNNA

Habast_ ___ - 49,69,90,82,78 * CCCASA BRFNM

Noahcycle12 - 23,19,85,82,65 * CBBCAS CTHNA

Harpey ____ - 70,13,89,84,88 * CACASS BBPNA

Fize________- 70,21,80,92,92 * CCBCCA BCNNA

Mitz________- 11,68,83,91,93 * AAABBA CCCNM

Semjax_____- 75,77,75,89,86 * ASABCA CCHNA

Axel77______- 80,66,79,87,80 * CBABAS CCDNA

wonzan _____- 86,98,89,36,81 * SBAACS BBNNM

Hardy_______- 84,96,84,46,72 * SBBSSA RRRIM

Cap'nJack___- 88,93,86,71,84 * CSASCA BBPoNM

Bu Mann____ - 87,91,92,57,91 * SBSBSA BCFNA

Pu Finn_____ - 87,90,73,23,89 * SBBBAS BCRNA

Voor________ - 81,85,79,63,74 * AAAAAA BRBNA

Jobo________ - 78,83,86,17,77 * SBSBCA BBDNA

Bugtrevor____- 72,82,70,86,62 * SAABCS CBFNA

Squall2______- 65,86,84,65,17 * SCSCCA BBHNA

tidurlagi_____ - 80,81,82,71,71 * AABBCS CCHNM

He Saggi_____- 63,68,63,33,48 * BAAACS RRPIA

Bruneauinfo - 93,93,87,85,76 * BSCSSCB (Put my Avatar here for comparison's sake.)

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:37 pm

The Characters

Hai Din, Harden007 - The Ruler

97,65,95,94,94 - CCCSCS - BCDNM - Enlister

Lord Cal, Lord Cal - Senior Minister

94,75,90,95,85 - SSBSBB - BBDNA - Breeding

Jai Ste Lu, Jeffsteel - Strategist

92,55,98,92,91 - CBBCSS - BBPNM - Efficacy


De Pu Bia, DPumbliQ - Scholar

51,41,92,86,83 - BBBBSS - CCNNA - Shipbuilding

Hai Bah, Habast - Scholar

49,69,90,82,78 - CCCASA - BRFNM - Invention

No Wa Cai, Noahcycle12 - Scholar

23,19,85,82,65 - CBBCAS - CTHNA - Efficacy

Har Pei, Harpey - Scholar

70,13,89,84,88 - CACASS - BBPNA - Pedagogy


Fi Zhe, Fize - Politician

70,21,80,92,92 - CCBCCA - BCNNA - Fame

Mi Tzhe, Mitsuhide - Politician

11,68,83,91,93 - AAABBA - CCCNM - Enlister

Chem Zhax, Semjax - Politician

75,77,75,89,86 - ASABCA - CCHNA - Pike General

Ai Ku Ce, Axel77 - Politician

80,66,79,87,80 - CBABAS - CCDNA - Prayers


Wu Zhann, wonzan - General

86,98,89,36,81 - SBAACS - BBNNM - Admiral

Har Dai, gianhardy141 - General

84,96,84,46,72 - SBBSAA - RRRIM - Chain Attack

Kha Tain, Capnjack - General

88,93,86,71,84 - CSASCA - BBPoNM - Cavalry General

Bu Mann, Mr Buttman - General

87,91,92,57,91 - SBSBSA - BCFNA - Aegis

Pu Finn, Puffingod - Junior Officer

87,90,73,23,89 - SBBBAS - BCRNA - Capture
(Also Pu Finn is a Late Bloomer with a Short Max Attribute period)


Vur Ahch, Voork - Officer

81,85,79,63,74 - AAAAAA - BRBNA - Seamanship
(Also Vur Ahch is Precocious with a Short Max attribute period)

Zho Boa, Jobo - Officer

78,83,86,17,77 - SBSBCA - BBDNA - Marine Raid

Bu Tai Zho, Bug Trevor - Officer

72,82,70,86,62 - SAABCS - CBFNA - Indomitable
(Also Bu Tai Zho is Precocious with a Long Max attribute period)

Wa Lu, Squall2 - Officer

65,86,84,65,17 - SCSCCA - BBHNA - Plunder

Tia Dur Li, tidurlagi - Officer

80,81,82,71,71 - AABBCS - CCHNM - Shipbuilding


He Saggi, hisagi15 - Soldier

52,88,41,37,13 - BASBCC - RRPmIRe - Sweep Asunder

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:38 pm

first you have your standard roleplaying attributes, LED, WAR etc.

second you have your aptitudes which consists of six letters that can equal S,A,B, or C and are just how proficient your avatar is with the different weapons systems. Your character's ability to weild those weapons is ranked from S to C where S is best and C is mediocre. The weapons are listed in this order: Spears, Pikes, Bows, Cavalry, Siege, Naval. So if you see a lot of C's you know your character doesn't do well on the battlefield with most weapons.

the last set of stats are character stats. i'm not exactly sure how they all work, but i'm pretty sure they determine your characters behavior. i've researched them a lot, and usually people give VERY VAGUE answers as to what they mean. but i listed them anyway.

after about the fifth or sixth post in this forum i started the game over and added quite a few more DWU members to the game. still, i'm not starting the story over as the AI wasn't getting anywhere with the DWU. so i'm dropping everyone back in approximately where they were before on the map and continuing the story as if the game never stopped. please enjoy.

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:38 pm

Game Intro

Lt. Governor Hai Din gathered his forces in Wu, his capital city, the part of the world he controlled. It was time to make preparations.

As he surveyed the land, thoughts of its unification burned in his mind. The Emperor had grown lazy and inconsiderate of the people, allowing the whole world to fall into chaos. Hai Din had called forth his sworn brothers and his trusted allies for the purpose of reuniting the land under his banner.

Hai Din split his forces, sending a contingent to claim Hui Ji to the south. He placed Lord Cal as the prefect there with He Saggi, Pu Finn, Hai Bah, and No Wa Cai to act as advisors in making preparations for war.

The rest of his forces began their work in Wu, building facilities for the smithing of Spears, Pikes, and Bows.

"Jian Ye lies to the West, my Lord," said Jai Ste Lu, styled Steelmann, Hai Din's chief of strategy. "That should be our next target."

"Aye, Lu, and from there I can sail our warships down the great river, conquering as I go!" Har Dai exclaimed with much excitement.

De Pu Bia, styled Pumbli, gave a laugh at Har Dai's comments. "There'll be no glory for you, Har Dai, until after I've built those warships - unless you plan to swim down the river?"

"Silence," said their leader, Hai Din. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We've got a lot of work to do before we can start dreaming."

"Indeed," said Steelmann. "Indeed."[img][/img]

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:39 pm

After Wu Zhann occupied Jian Ye, Hai Din moved his war council there, leaving Lord Cal in charge of Wu and Yan Baihu in command of Hui Ji.

"I just received word of some terrible news."

"Yes?" asked Hai Din.

"Har Dai has been defeated by Sun Jian. He fought valiantly to the end..."

"He's dead?" asked Hai Din.

"He was taken prisoner," Steelmann replied.

"And what of Sun Jian?"

"He has taken Qu A."

Hai Din began rubbing his hands together. "Perfect."

"What?!" asked Bu Mann. "You wanted Har Dai to be captured?"

"Of course not!" he replied. "However, things have turned out just as Steelmann predicted."

"They have?" asked Jai Ste Lu, styled Steelmann.

"Indeed, Lu," said Din. "Sun Jian has acted rashly. How will his 7000 soldiers fare against my 45,000 in Wu?"

"I see," said Bu Mann.

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:06 pm

"I escaped!" said Har Dai.

"Escaped?" asked Steelmann. "That is not what I heard."

Hai Din waved his hands at them. "Do not concern yourself with explanations, Har Dai. I am glad for your safe return. Our navy will not be much use without an able commander."

Har Dai, styled Gian, sighed. "I do not wish to mislead my Lord. I did escape. However, I owe my life to Ling Cao."

Hai Bah, styled Habast, Hai Din's junior advisor, was sitting across the table from Har Dai.

"Ling Cao?" Hai Bah smirked, trying not to chuckle. "That one's almost as rash as Sun Jian. And he's not nearly the tiger that you are Dai."

"I'd watch my tongue if I were you, Hai Bah," said Steelmann. "Har Dai is not known for his humility. It would be best if you ran your comments by me first."

"No," said Har Dai. "Let him speak. He is right. It is a miracle I survived that whole encounter."

"Indeed," Hai Din added. "Surely the Heavens have great plans for you my friend - just as I have plans for taking the head of Sun Jian."

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:16 pm

At Jian Ye several of the commanders with their staff were gathered in the officers dining hall, taking their evening meal.

Chem Zhax, who was focused on his meal, spoke to no one in particular as he ate. "I hear the battle goes well in Jiang Dou."

Pu Finn, a junior officer, had been invited to eat at the same table with the senior officers. It was not very often he was given this honor, and he was hoping the opportunity might grant him further acceptance within Hai Din's inner circle.

"I hear Hai Din will be presenting Ling Cao with honors. With only a handful of scholars and strategists he managed to drive off the mighty Sun Jian."

Lord Cal, who held Pu Finn in high regard, started waving at his young friend to silence him, but it was too late.

Har Dai let out a low growl.

"I am sure my brother's warships had nothing to do with it." He was speaking of the warships Pumbli had built for Ling Cao's navy. Pumbli was Har Dai's sworn brother - as was Lord Cal.

"My friend Pu Finn is not privy to all the circumstances of your defeat, brother," he said to Har Dai. "He meant no offense."

"Offense?" asked Pu Finn, whose face had turned red with embarrassment. "No, I.. I..."

Har Dai slammed his fist on the table. "Of all the humiliations - watching a mediocre general chase off a tiger with a band of scholars and government officials at his side!"

Bu Mann let out a roaring laugh.

"You know what's even more humiliating than watching a medocre general like Ling Cao succeed where you failed, Har Dai?"

Har Dai turned to Bu Mann, his eyes flashing with anger.

"Being Sun Jian right now at the sharp end of Ling Cao's sword," said Bu Mann, before Har Dai could lash out at him.

Lord Cal patted Har Dai on the shoulder. "You stood up to a warship with a skiff, brother. Ling Cao has a whole fleet of warships."

"Humiliation," came a voice from beyond the table.

The officers turned to see Jai Ste Lu, styled Steelmann, approaching. Lor Cal sighed with relief when he saw Hai Din's chief strategist approaching.

"But not your humiliation, Gian. Our lord intended this to happen," said Steelmann.

"Why then has he kept all his great warriors here in Jian Ye?" asked Har Dai, who was still fuming. "We could have crushed Sun Jian's expedition!"

"Tell me, anyone, how does the tiger hunt?" Lu asked.

"Like any predator," said Pu Finn, nervously. "He follows his prey."

"Precisely," said Steelmann. "Sun Jian will not attack our van. He will strike at our heels. Our lord knew this. You should have more faith in our strategies, Har Dai."

"You are saying he left Wu exposed so that Sun Jian would attack there?"

"Exposed?!" asked Lu. "Hardly. Ling Cao may not be the greatest general, but he is beloved by the people of southlands. And 35,000 soldiers is more than a match for Sun Jian's tiny contingent."

"Well then why not have me or even Wu Zhann there to command them?" Gian growled.

"Or even me?!" asked Bu Mann with a jovial snicker.

There was a soft laughter at the far end of the table. They all turned their gaze towards it where Chem Zhax was sitting. He continued eating his meal as if he had been ignoring their whole conversation.

"What's so funny, my friend?" asked Bu Mann. "Maybe you should have been left to defend Wu?"

"Absolutely not!" Chem Zhax puffed. "There's much better food here in Jian Ye anyway."

"Then tell us, why were you laughing just now?" Bu Mann asked.

"Because the answer to Lu's question is so simple, generals."

"Then please, educate us, Zhax," Bu Mann insisted.

"Very well," he replied. "Our lord, Hai Din, simply wishes to steal Sun Jian's morale. Well, he's already employed half the generals Sun Jian's sent to take Wu if you have any doubts about the effectiveness of this strategy. If our lord can beat Sun Jian's best generals with scholars and politicians - well, I'm sure they're all imagining what will happen when he sends his real generals into battle."

A hush fell over the officers as they contemplated this.

"Very good," said Steelmann. "You have read our lord's intentions well."

Chem Zhax looked up from his meal and spoke humbly. "I had a very good teacher."

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:22 pm

Dearest brothers Lord Cal and Har Dai,

I, Pumbli, your sworn brother, write you this letter from Wu, the heart of the southlands.

As you've probably heard already Jiang Dou has fallen to Sun Jian's forces once more. Ling Cao fought valiantly, chasing Jian back to Hai Ling - though he was outnumbered 4 to 1. Still, Cao was sunk by several of Jian's allies that flew to his rescue. Huang Gai and Cheng Pu captured Jiang Dou in the fray and the good scholar, Bao Shuya, is now isolated from the rest of us at Hai Ling. I do not doubt our leader has a plan to right this situation. I only wish I knew his plans so that I could feel less anxious about our fellows.

In other news, I had to save our old ally, He Saggi, from the chopping block once again. He's lucky that I am the senoir advisor in Wu, otherwise the prefect here, Yan Yu, would have been arranging for his burrial this evening. Please tell his brothers Pu Finn and Fi Zhe to warn him lest one of us is not around next time he decides to tell an official what he really thinks about their policies on wine and women.

Tell our Lord that I am anxiously awaiting his orders to rebuild the fleet.

God's Speed,

De Pu Bia

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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:22 pm

It was a cold winter day in Hai Den's war room where Har Dai was in the midst of a tense debate with Hai Den and his staff. In his hand he held the letter from his sworn brother, Pumbli.

"Which is why we should put an end to Sun Jian's raids immediately!" he exclaimed.

Steelmann waved off Gian's request.

"Dai, Sun Jian is not the only warlord our strategies must consider. There are other threats -"

Steelmann's retort was cut off by the sound of soldiers approaching in the hall. The clang of metal swords on armor caught everyone's attention.

No Wa Cai, styled Noah, hastily entered the war room, bowing before Hai Din.

"Sir, Wu Zhann and Ling Cao have returned from their expedition," said Noah.

The staff could see that Noah was badly shaken.

"Send them in," said Hai Din.

Noah left, and moments later Wu Zhann entered followed by Ling Cao.

"Ah, Wu Zhann," said Steelmann. "Were you successful?"

Wu Zhann nodded. Reaching under her cape, she pulled out a large cloth sack and tossed it on the table before Ja Ste Lu.

"That's him," she said.

Hai Din held up his hand. "Wait," he said. "Ling Cao, you do not seemed convinced."

Hai Din had seen a look of doubt on Ling Cao's face as Wu Zhann made her claim.

Cao stuttered a bit at first and showed a grimace as he spoke. "Well, sir... I do not mean any disrespect to the General..."

"Oh, spit it out," Wu Zhann gasped. She looked at Hai Din. "Cao and I have been arguing about this the entire trip back from Jiang Duo. He thinks -"

"Well," Cao interrupted, "it's just that I grew up with Cheng Pu. I'm pretty sure I know what he looks like..."

Hai Din opened the cloth bag and pulled out a severed head. "This is not Cheng Pu," he said.

Wu Zhann stuck out her bottom lip. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"I'm his son's godfather," said Hai Din. "This is not Cheng Pu."

"Hmph," she said, quickly reaching under her cape and pulling out another cloth bag. "How about this one?" she asked, throwing it on the table before Hai Din.

"No," he said after peering into the bag.

Bu Mann gave a hearty laugh.

"Tell us, Zhann, how many bags do you have under that cape?"

"Three," said Ling Cao, answering for her.

"You brought our lord three heads?" asked Steelmann.

"Well, I didn't have a lot to go on. You told me Cheng Pu had a ponytail and a beard," Wu Zhann huffed in frustration.

Bu Mann was laughing even harder now.

"Zhann, you do realize that most southlanders have ponytails and beards, right? Even some of the women!"

No Wa Cai entered the war room again. His face was as white as new fallen now. "Sixty, my lord," he gasped. "There are sixty of them."

"Sixty of what?!" Steelmann demanded.

Ling Cao rolled his eyes. "Heads, lord strategist. She brought back sixty stinking heads."

"Well, I would have brought back a lot more, but the ship was on fire. And I was doing so much chopping - I broke my favorite sword and -"

"In the midst of battle!" Cao exclaimed with frustration. "I would file a grievance with her if I did not have so much respect for her talents."

"In the midst of battle?" asked Hai Din.

"Yes," Ling Cao chided. "These heads weren't executions. Our ship was badly damaged. We barely made it back alive. I had to drag Wu Zhann off the enemy ship as it was sinking into the deep. I was trying to tell her it wasn't Cheng Pu's ship -"

"Wu Zhann, that is why we sent Ling Cao with you on this mission. Why didn't you listen to him?" Lu asked.

Just then there was a commotion outside the war room. As all heads turned to the door they heard a familiar laughter. Within moments the door swung open and Fi Zhe, the famous politician from Wu came floating gracefully into their midst.

"I bring news, my lord," he announced, bowing low to the ground. "The warrior Cheng Pu is alive an well."

"What's this!?" Wu Zhann cried in a rage, pulling her sword from its sheath.

Hai Din slammed his hand on the table.

"Wu Zhann," he said calmly. "I suggest you check your sword, my friend."

Wu Zhann let out a huff of frustration as she realized her sword was still broken off at the hilt.

"And put it away," he added. "Fi Zhe is no mere messenger." Hai Din then turned his attention to Fize. "Any other news?" he asked.

Fi Zhe's expression changed to a wily grin.

"Sir, it appears that all of Sun Jian's generals have retreated to his capital in Xia Pi. And Sun Jian has isolated himself to the north of Jian Ye."

"He's come right to our front door! Excellent," said Hai Din. "Someone get Wu Zhann a new sword - and a ship."

"And someone get these sticking heads out of here!" Steelmann exclaimed.
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PostSubject: Re: Romance of the ROTK XI   Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:16 pm

Hai Din was sitting in his ready room in Wu with his friend Lord Cal, discussing developments on the front lines. Mi Tzhe, one of Hai Din's advisers, entered carrying a message.

"Message from Shou Chun, sir. It's from Bu Mann."

"Have you opened it?" asked Hai Din.

"No..." Tzhe replied.

"Well, I already know what the message says, but open it anyway."

"You know what it says?" Lord Cal smirked.

"Indeed, I do," said Din. "It's a message from Bu Mann, warning us not to send any more supplies to Shou Chun. He is afraid the city will fall within the week."

"And why is that?" asked Cal.

"Because there is a large army of Yellow Turbans approaching Shou Chun from the north, and our supplies will be cut off before they reach their destination."

Cal looked at Tzhe who nodded in agreement.

"That's what it says, Cal," he said, handing him the note so he could see for himself.

"How did you know this was going to happen?" asked Lord Cal.

"Simple deduction. The Yellow Turbans are like hungry dogs. Seeing our weak numbers in Shou Chun it was only natural that they would attack."

This alarmed Lord Cal.

"This will prove disastrous, Hai Din! Many of our finest officers are stationed at Shou Chun! Without that supply line -"

Hai Din raised his hand. "Nothing to concern ourselves with, Cal. Sun Jian will come to our rescue."

Cal was shocked. "Sun Jian?! Have we formed an alliance with him now?"

After numerous battles, Sun Jian had been driven back into his capital city at Xia Pi to the north of Wu.

"No," said Din. "But I know Sun Jian, and he is a hungry tiger. When he sees the Yellow Turbans have left Xiao Pei practically unmanned he will not be able to resist."

Xiao Pei lay just to the West of Xia Pi.

"And you predict the Yellow Turbans will retreat to protect their base from Sun Jian?" Tzhe asked.

"Which is why I allowed Sun Jian to maintain his base at Xia Pi. If only he were wise enough to allow the Yellow Turbans to fight it out with our troops at Shou Chun. Then, after the two armies had worn themselves out in battle, he would have two cities to exploit. But alas, he is too rash, and this trait will be his ultimate undoing."

Lord Cal shook his head in amazement.

"So what about me?" Cal asked.

"You must make haste to Shou Chun," said Hai Din. "When you arrive, tell Bu Mann he needs to review those books on strategy I gave him, and spend a little less time chasing the women."
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Romance of the ROTK XI
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